An analysis of the first bull run as the first major battle of the war

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List of American Civil War battles

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The First Battle of Bull Run, or the First Manassas (as it was called by the Confederates), was the first legitimate land battle of the American Civil War. It was fought between the northern Union forces and the southern Confederate forces near the city of Manassas, Virginia, in the heat and humidity of.

Apr 01,  · Watch video · The First Battle of Bull Run (called First Manassas in the South) cost some 3, Union casualties, compared with 1, for the Confederates. Manassas, First Civil War battle summary. Manassas, First. Other Names: First Bull Run Description: This was the first major land battle of the armies in Virginia.

On July 16,the untried Union army under Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell marched from Washington against the Confederate army, which was drawn up behind Bull Run beyond.

Ambrose Burnside

The First Battle of Bull Run was fought on July 21,during the American Civil War (), and was the first major battle of the conflict. Advancing into northern Virginia, Union and Confederate troops clashed near Manassas Junction.

At this first battle at Bull Run, the South won bragging rights and a morale-boosting victory. But the commanders on both sides learned that their armies were yet not ready for the major battles that lay ahead.

a large battle in the American Civil War, took place in southern Pennsylvania from July 1 to July 3, The battle is named after the town on the battlefield. Union General George G.

Meade led an army of about 90, men to victory against General Robert E. Lee's Confederate army of about 75,

An analysis of the first bull run as the first major battle of the war
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