The role of liberal arts in

There are many rewarding and fulfilling careers that one can pursue with the help of a first-class vocational or career training program. Ideas will resonate across courses: Students with a liberal arts background are appealing, because they demonstrate an ability to learn across a diverse field of studies.

Universities encourage students to do so and offer respective opportunities but do not make such activities part of the university's curriculum. And at Grinnell, students are helping to rebuild New Orleans and transform under-used land into affordable housing opportunities.

Check out your local training centre, college or university. In many ways, a liberal arts education is education for life. In light of this perception, many students balk at taking general liberal arts courses and choose instead to focus narrowly on a vocational or professional area of study.

In the first year, an Arts student normally takes a variety of introductory courses. Barack Obama was twice elected president of the United States. Please Leave A Comment. We know our graduates do well in their lives and careers.

The best education asks students to reach beyond their own experiences to see and imagine worlds different from them in time, space, and thought. If all they learned in college was how to do one thing well, navigating those changes is going to be tough.

Why should business students pay attention. That life-shaping power sometimes gets overlooked in the shifting landscape of higher education. It creates habits of mind that facilitate a life of learning and growth, professional and personal.

For others, the key value of a liberal arts education may be the personal satisfaction and fulfillment that studying philosophy or art makes possible. In addition, most four-year colleges are not devoted exclusively or primarily to liberal arts degrees, but offer a liberal arts degree, and allow students not majoring in liberal arts to take courses to satisfy distribution requirements in liberal arts.

None of these issues represents a problem that can ever be solved once and for all. I have confidence in our future because I have met countless liberal arts alumni who have been successes in every sphere, who are living fulfilled lives, and who make us all very proud.

Through the years, the breadth, depth, flexibility and rigor of American liberal arts education has enriched countless lives in myriad ways. Graduate schools look for candidates who will succeed in graduate-level study. I received an outstanding liberal arts education as an undergraduate, and it continues to shape my career and my life.

I firmly believe liberal education is the best preparation a young person can have for the job market and a rewarding, meaningful life as a citizen of our democracy. Liberal arts courses help students learn how to ask good questions, process information from many different sources and summarize ideas succinctly.

The Role of Liberal Arts Colleges in Advancing Positive Social Change

Ideas will resonate across courses: Something taught in a psychology class may apply to art history or philosophy, for example. Liberal Arts: Specific disciplines (i.e., the humanities, sciences, and social sciences).

Liberal Arts College: A particular type of institution—often small, often residential—that facilitates close interaction between faculty and students, and whose curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts disciplines. College of Humanities and Social Sciences The College of Humanities & Social Sciences is dedicated to the highest quality of education for students.

Grounded in the liberal arts, the college is integral to the comprehensive mission of the university.

The Role of Liberal Arts in a Business Education

Liberal arts today can refer to academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences; and liberal arts education can refer to overall studies in a liberal arts.

A liberal arts education will equip you to participate effectively in your community. It can also help you to engage in the controversies of our time--whether about the environment, cultural diversity, social justice, ethnic strife, gender relations or foreign policy.

The role of liberal arts in
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